Post Prom Shows

Are you in need of excellent entertainment for your high school audience – but don’t know where to start?

Let me suggest a qualified Comedy Hypnotist… That’s right – a hypnotist!

Let me explain… in a very soft, relaxed, reassuring voice…

Comedy hypnosis is perhaps the perfect way to entertain your high schoolers in the safest, most enjoyable “interactive” way possible.

Comedy hypnosis gets everyone involved – safely but hilariously. No one gets embarrassed – but everybody gets entertained to the max.

The students love the exciting and totally unique opportunity to participate in something that engages their mind, their heart, and their stomach muscles!

The uproarious laughter fills the auditorium. And “fulfillment” is the take-away you’ll get as you provide your students with perhaps the most memorable experience of their young lives.

And “safety” is the watchword. Never do we “cross the line” into embarrassing, compromising, or inappropriate areas. You yourself will be enthusiastically involved as you watch the professional Comedy Hypnotist “work his magic” for your event, just as he has done for hundreds of high school audiences across America.

You will be well-congratulated and well-thanked for your choice. Parents love it. Teachers love it. But most of all, the students love it!

It’s the perfect choice for your safety-minded high school events – such as all-night or post-prom parties… homecoming… sober grad nights… or just plain FUN events!

With over 20 years of experience with high school audiences, the Comedy Hypnotist assures you of totally safe and reliable material. No cheap laughs. Only age-appropriate entertainment that you’ll feel 100% comfortable and satisfied with.

The Comedy Hypnotist comes fully insured for added peace of mind – with more references than you can snap your fingers to! A solid track record of success means you’re never at risk of having a bad night.
“Non-stop laughter” is what you’re after. Not just that night, but for days later!

Your students will love you for making this outstanding choice, and so will their parents. Not an ounce of negative feedback is ever heard.

Pick up the phone right now and speak to the Comedy Hypnotist himself – John Cressman at 610-737-2099!

When you do, he’ll snap his fingers and you will awake from your trance.

Call now…

P.S. You’re okay. But be sure to call me – John Cressman – right away before driving or operating heavy machinery.

Watching my sample videos on my website – and reading the glowing testimonials from high school decision-makers like yourself – will also release you from your trance and inspire you to book me for your next event.

Call now: 610-737-2099

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