About Your Comedy Hypnotist – John Cressman

John Cressman is a long time entertainer with over 25+ years of experience entertaining audiences of all sorts.  While he specializes in comedy hypnosis shows for high schools and colleges, he is also a versatile entertainer, performing magic and mentalism for audiences around the country.


Not every hypnotist is a comedy hypnotist.  It takes training and certification beyond the basic hypnotherapy training in order to put on a professional comedy hypnosis show.  John has been trained by the very best comedy hypnotists in Las Vegas and has taken the extra step in getting his certification as a comedy stage hypnotist.


John is also an accomplished hypnotherapist.  He regularly teaches hypnosis for beginners at two colleges in Northeast Pennsylvania and helps people to lose weight naturally, overcome smoking and many other habits that are easily accomplished with hypnosis and hypnotherapy.


Not only does John teach hypnosis and perform comedy hypnosis across the country, he also writes on the subject and is the author of two books on hypnosis.  “Zero to Stage Hypnotist in 30 Days” is his book on becoming a stage hypnotist and is available at Amazon.com in softcover or kindle.  “Maximize Your Brain” is an introduction to self-hypnosis and using hypnosis to overcome common habits and addictions.  Either can be found on Amazon or at fine book sellers near you.


John Cressman is also the inventor of several mobile apps which were the first of their kind, combining technology and hypnosis to give you a customized hypnotic experience to allow you to help yourself in becoming a better person and breaking habits they may have afflicted you for a long time.

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